Try this restrictive formula of KFC Zinger Burger Recipe recorded online on HamariWeb. You can set up this flavorful Zinger Burger Recipe at home effortlessly. Fresh and delightful KFC popularity Zinger Burger is adored by all. Serve it with coleslaw or French fries at tidbit time or as a feast for lunch or supper. Appreciate this firm KFC Zinger Burger Recipe with your friends and family. To get a similar ideal taste of KFC Zinger Burger pursues these means cautiously.

Elements Of Zinger Burger

2 chicken bosom dainty cuts

½ cup flour

½ cup corn flour

½ cup rice flour

2 tb.s preparing powder

1 egg

1ts salt

1ts dark pepper

1ts white pepper

4tb.s mayonnaise

4 cuts cheddar

2 leaves lettuce

Oil for searing

2 burger buns

Cooking Directions

For Chicken: Slice chicken bosom in 6 layers.

Oil a plastic sack with oil and put it in it.

Spread it with a kitchen hammer.

Move them in a blending bowl, include white vinegar, salt,2 tbsp mustard glue, red stew powder and 1/2 tsp garlic powder, blend and leave for half hour to marinate.

For Dry Mixture: In a major box, take rice flour, corn flour, white flour, chicken powder, dark pepper powder, white pepper powder, heating powder, ½ tsp garlic powder and salt and blend them quite well.

For Crispy Chicken: In a bowl beat eggs.

Coat the marinated chicken first with dry blend and afterward plunge them in eggs and again rehash this procedure.

Profound fry these pieces in oil.

For Sauce: In a bowl take ½ cup mayonnaise and 1 tbsp mustard glue and blend them well.

Last Touch: Spread sauce on the bun and put chicken piece on it.

Again put sauce on it and afterward put lettuce or ice shelf over it and spot the other portion of the bun.

Prepared to serve hot.

Humdinger Burger



18.6gFat, absolute.

3gFat, soaked.


8.3gCarbohydrate, sugars.


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